how to get away with murder has the best cast. Viola Davis as a kick asss lead, Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas!!!) from Harry Potter, Kate Findlay aka Maggie from The Carrie Diaries, Matt McGorry aka John Bennett from OTINB and Liza Weil from the good ole days of Gilmore Girls. I AM SO HAPPY I LOVE IT AND I LOVE THAT SHONDA RHIMES IS AN EXEC PRODUCER I WANNA WATCH IT ALL NOW gimme episode 2

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" The person you’re meant to be with will never have to be chased, begged or given an ultimatum. "


Remember limewire

Remember sometimes getting the song you were actually looking for and sometimes getting an mp3 of bill clinton saying that he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman instead

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My eczema is the worst it’s possibly ever been, it makes me feel so disgusting. :( so stressed out :((((

" It’s sad because I could probably never talk to you again and not an ounce of me would care. How did we get like this? "